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Jun. 4th, 2013



Fic: Sleeping

Title: Sleeping
Pairing: John/Kate Milligan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 507
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any related character.
Summary: Thoughts during the night. Pre-Series.
Warnings: none
Notes: none

May. 10th, 2013

John hunter


SPN FIC - They Always Come Out in the Dark

For jdsgirlbev: John, the Big Damn Hero.

LENGTH: 720 words

( They Always Come Out in the Dark )

May. 5th, 2013

Dean/John - Hold On To Me


John/Dean Vid

Gosh, I love John Winchester. I started reading the fic Apocrypha a couple days ago, and I am loving it so far. I wasn't feeling well this morning, so I lazed around in bed for a little longer than normal, pulled out my iPad and glanced through the Vids I have stored on there. To my most welcome surprise I come across my most favorite vid of John & Dean. I just love the relationship between John and Dean, I think/feel/believe it was a special relationship between father and this son and I love to read fics or watch vids that explore their relationship.

Well, this particular vid does exactly that. I find it to be very moving, touching, and it hits all the right chords with me in dealing with Dean and John's relationship. Many of you have probably seen this, but I thought I would share this with you all. As I said, this is my favorite Dean/John vid. The second the first images come up and the first strains of music start, the tears just start flowing. I just find this very beautiful.  The vid is "He's My Son" and the vidder is Laura M (formerly known as kiwioflurve).

Do any of you have any favorite John/Dean vids? Any real good ones out there. I have a couple, but haven't seen a lot. Would love to see any other recommendations.  Thx.

May. 1st, 2013

Dean/John - Hold On To Me


John related FanFic I'm reading

I just have to get this off my chest and voiced out there because this has been bothering me for a couple of days now, and I need to talk to someone who would appreciate what I'm feeling. I can't do this on my own journal because several of my friends don't think very highly of John, so I come here, to you all, fans of John Winchester.

For the last several months I have been reading nothing but John related FanFics. I have this big long list of almost 1000 fics to read. I am about 1/4 way done with the list. Anyway. I am currently reading this multi-chapter fic. I'm still not quite sure what the point of the story is, I guess it is just an off summer where John is teaching a teen-age Dean and Sam more hunting skills and training them hard. Dean is the ever-dutiful, obedient son, Sam is, well, he is a whiny, obnoxious brat, and John, is stern, but the one thing this writer does with her John, is when the boys misbehave, to punish them, John punishes them the old-fashioned way, with a belt to their backsides with numerous strikes.

Now, I just don't agree with this. Yes, I believe that John was stern with his boys, and that there were a lot of things that he just didn't tolerate, and he wasn't shy in letting it known. I'm sure he punished them in some fashion, but I do not believe that he beat his sons with a belt. I don't even think he took a hand to the boys, either. And reading him doing this time and time again is really starting to bother me. I am about half-way through the fic, but I'm not sure I want to finish it. I am still curious to see where the writer is taking this story, as right now, it doesn't seem like she is taking it anywhere. There is no hunting, or anything involved. Just training and yes, beatings, and a very very very obnoxious Sam, which I think is totally OOC.

When I read a John fic I want to read a mixture of all of John's qualities - the stern father, yet the loving father that would do anything for his boys. Not a story like this.

I still get bothered, I think I always will be bothered, when I hear negative comments about John, and read stories that involve John abusing his boys in some fashion. The fandom has such a huge varying interpretation of him, I do really wish we had a little more Canon where John was concerned.

Apr. 6th, 2013

Course Corrected


SPN FIC - Course Corrected

My flisties have been asking for "weechesters in the Batcave" -- which sounded like fun, but it required tweaking things just a little.  As they always said on Quantum Leap, "setting right what once went wrong."

So here we go.

Henry Winchester, as the demon Abaddon pointed out, was never that good at spells, and at a crucial moment he zigged when he should have zagged. He intended to find his son, but his goof sent him too far into the future, and instead of John, he found his grandsons. So... let's rewind, and give Henry a nudge in the right direction, so he ends up where he intended to go: 25 years ahead. To his son. To Lawrence, Kansas.

In November of 1983.

(And yes, this will be a series.)

CHARACTERS: Henry and John (with background wee!Dean and baby!Sam)
LENGTH: 1200 words

( Course Corrected )
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Mar. 5th, 2013

Winchesters together


SPN FIC - Unanswerable

A hot August afternoon. A dad who's exhausted and battered by the hunt. And a little boy with a simple question: "How far is the sky?"

CHARACTERS: John, wee!Sam (4), wee!Dean (8)
LENGTH: 812 words

( Unanswerable )

Feb. 3rd, 2013

weesta - autumn leaves


Fic - On Duty

This is one of my first and still favorite fics!

Title: On Duty
Author : weesta
Genre: General SN fiction
Rating: PG
Characters - John, Dean (13), Sam (9)
Summary: The Winchesters spend a rare day off. Wee!Winchesters

Some days just don’t turn out the way you want them; other days are a gift you never expect.
A - JDM - OMG good cake


Vids: Sunday Bloody Sunday

This is older vids of mine, made before I knew quite as much about vidding as I do now, but I still think it tells a good story. Gosh I wish there was more John footage to play with, though.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Title: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Music: Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 (live, acoustic version)
Fandom: Supernatural
Vidder: starrylizard
Clips: mostly S1, 2.1, 2.2 and one scene from the S2 finale. No S3.
Summary: John and his boys and the way their lives have been shaped by events beyond their control.

You can download or watch it HERE
I support John


The Rules...Such as they are.

Welcome one and all to The Backroads: The Journeys of John Winchester.  There are a few basic tenets  to get started.

1. These stories are about John Winchester, so though Dean, Sam and other canon characters can make guest appearances, in these stories, JOHN'S our guy. ( Not Jeff either... JOHN.)

2. The JOURNEY of John Winchester is our main theme, physical, emotional or spiritual. Please feel free to meta whether it's episode meta with John,  or the effect John still has in the show, even though he's no longer physically part OF the show.

3. Stories may be anything from Gen to hard NC-17, they may be as AU as you want them to be, but NO Wincest or Slash please. And lord love a duck, if you don't like John, and want to make him a drunk, a rapist or murderer, (or all of the above) please find another comm to post to!

4. Stories can take place at any point in the SPN timeline.  Crossovers are welcome.

5. Icons,  wallpapers, Vids, etc drooled ove   er... welcome.

6. Feel free to issue challenges for stories that you'd like someone to write, or dispense plot bunnies. The more the merrier!

Many thanks to ficwriter1966 for her recomendation. :D Though my computer use is very limited right now, I will try and pop in occasionally from a friend's.
A - JDM - OMG good cake


Joining in here.

These are a few of the fics/drabbles I've written over time that feature John Winchester. My personal favourite is Dirty Tactics. I hope they're welcome here. I haven't caught up with the current season yet (will do soon), but I understand some John loving is needed atm. Enjoy! :D

Dirty Tatics
Rating: Gen, Some offensive language
Summary: An obstacle course, a bet and two guys playing dirty.

Growing Pains
Rating: Gen, PG13 (There’s a tiny bit of swearing), pre-season, 4286words
Summary: When John is magically regressed to a five-year-old, it’s up to his two teenage sons to figure out how to fix things.

A hard rain’s gonna fall
Rating: Gen, G, 100 word drabble, preseason.
Summary: The rain beats down on the roof with a steady tink and patter. Outside the world’s a dark blur, the windows long since fogged by their breath.

Just Listen (+ podfic)
Rating: Gen, PG (mild language), no S5 spoilers (Dean, John)
Summary: It was the wings that gave away the game. It was also the wings that sent Dean into fits of hysterical laughter.

Heir of the Dog
Rating: Gen, Teen, pre-series, John, young Dean and baby Sam
Summary: Written for the From Ashes..." Supernatural fic-a-thon, in which I got the song-prompt of Nazareth – Hair of the Dog. He’d only been gone a few moments, but everything was about to change

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